Our creative work process.

We are big believers of the Agile methodology

Learn about our working process to know what to expect when choosing us, we hope it gives you a good idea of how we work with you. We will fully support and always consult with you on new technologies that would provide maximum results.

Our working strategy is a truly a collective environment with our clients. We begin every project in the same way by carrying out detailed research to ensure we have a good understanding of our client and their project requirements. We understand the value of time and strive to take the burden on our shoulders to accomplish the work in real-time.

While we personalize our plans and its execution according to your business needs, we have predefined steps to approach a new assignment. Below is a general process of how we work with you.

  • We want our clients to know what they’re receiving.
  • Results are an outcome of a disciplined work process.
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions about your project.

How We Works!!

Deliver only exceptional quality, and improve!


Requirement Gathering

Our process begins with having an interaction with the client to clearly understand the requirements. We give utmost importance to documentation of accurate requirements of the client. Tell us the goal of your project. Give us all the information we should know – e.g., the colors of your brand; the functionalities you want to have and the purpose behind every part of your project.


Brain Storming

The first step is to take the projects data & think about to manage all aspects of your requirements. Our team sits together to initiate our creative process which is customized to each client and their requirements. Once the brainstorming activity is done, you have a great deal of information on where to take the topic step.


Concept Prototype & Design

Start to work on the design taking with collected data; we're responsible for our process and results. Skilled workforce, utilizing the latest processing software and tools, this phase includes the development of many prototypes, from paper and sketches, to wireframe later might be more elaborate. The primary purpose of a prototype is to make sure the design team has understood the user needs.


Development & Implementation

In this phase—the process of moving an idea from concept design to reality working model—the development process is divided into two parts. Front and Backend the actual coding of the design document is performed. Front-end and back-end coding is done, database is connected and the various algorithms are implemented with least time and space complexities.


Testing & Evolution

After the Development phase, there is a Testing & Evolution Phase. Testing is done to validate a fully developed system to assure that it meets its requirements. We test each individual activity and integrate them all together in a process to test the final project and ensure no error exists.


Launch & Support

Now starts the real thing, you get the opportunity to see your application being brought to life. when all problems have been fixed, After the final approval from the client we deliver the project and upload it to their server, However, this is not the end of the project. In many ways, it is only the beginning as the application will need to be maintained the last phase is Maintenance, in this stage, the maintenance of the website is done for a limited time period only. Maintenance means updating the contents & design of the website.

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