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What’s in It for You as a Way2 Websoft Representative ?

Do you live in Europe, Canada, South Africa, or the USA? You have the chance to be part of one of the biggest global digital marketing and app development companies helping to provide real change and impact businesses with game-changing ideas. If you have experience selling IT services, that will be a HUGE plus! Here’s why you should join our team as a Way2 Websoft representative:

  • You’re not alone. Throughout the entire sales cycle, you can count on the support of our offshore team
  • Excellent remuneration. You’re guaranteed a good percentage of the deal’s value
  • Lucrative cumulative earnings from repeat business you send our way
  • 100% transparency. We always keep our representatives in the loop about everything

Now that you know what you’re in for, fill out the form and tell us a little about yourself.

What We’re Looking for in the Ideal Representative ?

Do you have what it takes to be a Way2 Websoft representative? Take a look at our checklist:

  • Well connected: You are familiar with high-profile individuals and businesses in your area
  • Good in networking: You can handle meet and greets, always takes initiative, and can build meaningful connections with leads
  • Lucrative cumulative: Lucrative cumulative earnings from repeat business you send our way
  • Techno-commercial person: A knack for spotting gaps in innovative product solutions is an advantage
  • Basic understanding of mobile and web: Nothing too fancy. You don’t need to be a developer. But you should have a basic understanding of mobile and web design
  • Entrepreneur mindset: You see the big picture, and are ROI-driven with a focus on business value-creation
  • Good in decision-making: You can weigh up opportunities and pick out the best outcomes after weighing the pros and cons
  • Expertise in negotiation: Your persuasive communication skills should be next-level

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Knowing the exact services you are looking for helps us to understand and give suggestions and technology if necessary. @way2websoft, we strive hard to be accurate in our quote.

Please enter the details with all that you know about the project (More the details, speeder the process :)) in the ‘message’ section.

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Like the rest of our team, our representatives are expected to carry themselves with professionalism, honesty, and dependable reliability at all times

Representatives shouldn’t make offers or agreements without the green light of Way2 Websoft Technologies nor have conflicting interests from our business. They should also not misinform or mislead clients willfully or through negligence.

The tasks will vary from day to day. Generally, representatives are expected to be the face of Way2 Websoft Technologies in their region, improving brand penetration through networking and other strategies.