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A One-Of-A-Kind Procurement Solution, Combining Automation With Sourcing

This online based procurement solution reduces operational cost by minimizing man-power requirement, automating token and Goods Receipt Note (GRN) generation and reducing the scope of human errors.

Ensure Effective Payout By Integrating The Quality Of The Raw Material Into The System

Controlled User Access
Real-Time Order Tracking
Auto-Generated Reports
Auto Token Number
(With Barcode) Generation
Customized Payments Option
Fixed Gross And Tare Weight
Customized Integration With
Digital Weighing Machine

Software Feature Offerings

Admin Module

Admin defined integration of details like Vendor, Item, Weighing Charges, Item Type, Unit, Unloading Point, Vehicle Type, A/c. Head and much more into the Master database

Registration of the type of vehicle carrying the raw material and its subsequent weight limit in the master module

Integration with digital weighing machine for automated data fetching of the raw material weight

Weighing Module

Ensuring no human interference, while registering raw material weight

Integration of the quality of raw material into the system, to ensure effective payout

Auto-capture of the Gross weight (vehicle + raw material) at the weighbridge and generation of weighing slip

Putting an end to incorrect registration of the loading capacities of raw material carrying vehicles

Automated preparation of GRN to reduce any chances of human error

Stock Module

Provision of entering the opening stock count of all raw materials

Easy stock transfer from a different location to the plant

Easy maintenance of stock consumption and stock adjustment of raw materials

After every transaction, the stock gets automatically updated in the module

Reports like Stock Statement, Stock-Out Statement, Consumption Statement, Stock Ledger get automatically generated by the application

Payment & Receipt Module

Customized payment options for both Bills and Holding amount

Easy and effective cash balance maintenance

Date and Vendor wise payment statement can be generated

Printable Cash Ledger can be generated

Complete accessibility of the plant GRN paid / unpaid statement to the company management

Automated Payment voucher generation during bill payment